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D1.1 - WP1 Pan-European Map of Submarine "Energy-Critical Elements"Energy-Critical Elements”

D2.1 - WP2 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan 

D2.2 - WP2 Dissemination Products: Newsletters (Issue 1)

D2.2 - WP2 Dissemination Products: Newsletters (Issue 2)

D2.2 - WP2 Dissemination Products: Newsletters (Issue 3)

D2.3-1 - WP2 Workshop Report (Seafloor Mineral Deposits for the Global Sustainable Development)

D2.3-2 - WP2 Workshop Report (Geophysical Tools applied to Marine Hydrothermal Minerals Exploration)

D2.3-3 - WP2 Workshop Report (Iberian Pyrite Belt field trip)

D2.3-4 - WP2 Workshop Report (Seabed Mining)

D3.3 - WP3 metallogeny of hydrothermal deposits in European waters

D4.4 - WP4 Models of formation for the main provinces of ferromanganese crusts and phosphorites

D4.5 - WP4 Ferromanganese crusts and phosphorites CRM exploration potential

D5.5 - WP5 Present-day status of regulation, legislation and exploitation of placer deposits

D6.2 - WP6 Report of the polymetallic nodules prospect evaluation parameters that will be employed as a road map for the creation of the polymetallic nodules occurrence database

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